Robert and Derlani Fife

Robert and Derlani Fife

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Happy Birthday Robert!!!

Happy Birthday to Robert Fife - today - August 12th, 2012! 

Let's encourage Robert today -

Monday, July 30, 2012

The World Convention of Christian Churches/Churches of Christ - Brazil

July 25th - 28th
Goiania, Goias, Brazil

United by Love

Robert Speaking

Robert and Derlani

Valdecy DaSilva and Robert

Derlani speaking at the Women's Conference

Reuniting with old friends


Jeff Fife - Robert's brother

Robert and Derlani participated in the World Convention of Christian Churches/Churches of Christ that was held in their home town in Brazil - Goiania!  They have been able to visit with family, renew friendships and fellowship with Christians from all over the world.  Robert spoke at the convention as well as Derlani to the Women's conference.  An encouraging time for Robert and Derlani and the Church!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Arrival of grandchild #7 - Caleb

Robert and Derlani were in the States for the National Missionary Convention in November.  Robert returned to Portugal and Derlani went and stayed with Anna, Jeff and Joshua as they were expecting their second son's arrival the first week of December.

December 7th - Caleb Fife Offshack arrived!

Fife Offshack Family - Jeff, Joshua, Anna, Caleb
Grandma was there and got to hold her 7th grandchild soon after birth!

 Caleb is checking out his Grandma!
 Little eskimo kisses!  :o)
 Grandma - Joshua and Caleb
 Gotta love those slobbery kisses!
 Joshua and his little brother Caleb
 Caleb Fife Offshack
 "It's been a rough day!"

Christmas was pretty special with a new baby in the house.....
My first Christmas

Anna Flavia and Derlani
2011 Christmas Family Photo

Derlani returned to Portugal right after Christmas and jumped right back into her "normal" lifestyle.  2012 is going to be a great year as the Lord continues to bless Robert and Derlani as they continue to serve Him.

Happy New Year!!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

2011 in review - continued

As we continue our review of 2011, we enjoy various pictures of times of fellowship, picnics, farewells, baptisms, church anniversaries and a leadership retreat for preachers/pastors.  Let's see........
 Great fellowship with the Cascais pastors and leaders!

Celebrating birthdays from May to August

Saying Good-bye to a dear brother - Solival.  He came to know Jesus as his Savior
in Portugal and has now returned to Brazil.
Saying farewell to the Paul family that are now working in El Salvador.
This is a family that is committed to our Lord and Savior and they were a
blessing to many while in Portugal.

New Members
Praying with the new members

The next few pictures are of the picnic that was enjoyed
when schools started classes again.


Looks like everyone had a good time!  Lots of smiles and even a little soccer!

A long time friend of ours - Fernando Cunha has been working in the prisons. 
Here is a picture of a baptism - fruit of the Prison Ministry!

Church in Carcavelos - 27 years
The church in Carcavelos celebrated their 27th anniversary!  What a blessing! 
Everyone had a great time celebrating and enjoying the fellowship!



Good food

Robert and Derlani enjoyed some retreats with the Ministers and pastors
of Lisbon and Porto.      

Grandpa and Grandma
Proud Grandparents of Gabriel - Looks like Gabriel enjoys them too!

2011 in review - July through December

Hello again!  I realize it has been awhile since I have posted pitures or updates and so I am going to correct that here today!  Robert was without his computer for a month or so and Derlani was busy with new grandchildren and work and I (Cheri Lynn) was busy with things too, and so the Blog lacked attention.  I apologize for the dry spell and hope to do better in 2012!

I intend to share a lot of photos with you and tell the story of the last five months of 2011.  Please feel free to comment and send any questions you might have and we will get them answered as soon as possible.

July 19th  - Gabriel Fife Lopes made his entrance into the world!
Grandchild number 6!!!
Gabriel has arrived

Grandpa Robert and Gabriel

Grandma Derlani and Gabriel

The Fife Lopes Family: Paulo Jorge - Deborah Lee - Gabriel

Anna Flavia, Robert and Derlani's oldest daughter, visited Portugal in the fall with her son Joshua.  Jeff, Anna's husband was not able to make the trip, but Joshua and Anna had a great time.
 First time in the ocean!
The Fife Family - 2011

Uncle Jonatas and Joshua
Anna and Kathy celebrated their birthdays while together!

Brother and sisters reunited!

 Joshua enjoyed meeting his cousin Gabriel!

He also met his cousin Nicole!

 Gabriel turned three months and is all smiles!

 Such a handsome little man!

 He loves his Daddy!
 And he loves his Mommy!

The six grandchildren having a great time together!

 Grandpa Robert had the opportunity to dedicate his newest grandson - Gabriel!

 Nicole, daughter of Pedro and Chris was also dedicated the same day.